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Where to Watch the World Cup in DC

The 2022 World Cup is in full effect! Check out the schedule for the rest of the World Cup here. The tournament typically has 1-2 games a day taking place at either 10 am and/or 2 pm. 

Although many matches will be free to watch on TV (FOX), expect many DC bars to be lively affairs filled with fans, as there are few places better in the US to do so. Discover some of the best bars to watch the World Cup with fellow fans. 

Public Bar Live- Plans not to close the entire length of the tournament! Literally, 24/7, yes! With an everyday booze break from 4 am – 6 am. And showing all World Cup matches. 

Astro Beer Hall- Opens at 6 am on US match days, 8 am on other match days, with booze starting at 7 am. 

Hook Hall- Calling itself the “World Cup Soccer Bar;” will be open for every match except the 5 am ones; and patrons can reserve one of ten tables of 6-10 for $25, which includes a bucket of beers, with the rest of the pace being first come first serve. 

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