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Washington Pup-Friendly Parks

Whether you’re visiting Washington DC or a resident Washingtonian, if you have a furry friend you probably want to take them everywhere! Luckily, DC has many dog-friendly restaurants, hotels, shops, and, of course, parks! 

First off, you can visit the National Mall with your pup! Canines are welcome to join you as you stroll past the monuments and memorials and take in the view. 

Theodore Roosevelt Island, accessible by footbridge from the George Washington Memorial Parkway, features two miles of trail along the Potomac River. A perfect place for an afternoon excursion with your pup. 

Meridian Hill Park is one of the city’s most famous parks and features plenty of real estate for dogs to stretch their legs. If your dog-o likes to dance, the park hosts a drum circle on Sundays! 

Rock Creek Park offers “rough”ly 1,8000 acres of natural beauty, with more than four miles of trails, serving as an oasis in the middle of the city for you and your canine. 

Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Garden, located right along the Anacostia River, is another option, as it offers beautiful aquatic 

gardens to enjoy while taking your dog for a stroll! 

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